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Country Cottage Vacation Rentals in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains

"Your place in the Country"

                           What our Guests say!! 


"We have greatly enjoyed the cottage and its beautiful surroundings. We would love to return!“ Carrie’s Cottage                                

        Andy and Alex, January 2010  


 "We had a very special weekend in the Carriage House. Thank you for the wonderful experience of exploring your farms and property. We also appreciated the care and detail with which you have appointed the Carriage House.”

        Ray and Kristi, January 2010

“We shared a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving…This was the perfect place…We loved the views, walks around the two farms…and time by the fires. “ High Fields Farm

                        Sarah and Andy, November 2009

                                                                                                                                               "We have just finished our fourth summer (and fifth visit) at Carrie’s Cottage and had a predictably wonderful time. In addition to the old favorites---swimming in the pool, feeding the horses, and hiking the trails on the farm---we also managed a new trail into Shenandoah National Park at Graves Mill. Thanks again for a great summer break and letting us make the farm our second home!

                       Erica and Andrew, August 2009 


“I loved it! This was my first visit and I pray not my last! Every window had a picture perfect view.” High Fields Farm

                        Lisa and Clint, August 2009


“What a beautiful farm and cottage! I had a very enjoyable and productive two weeks here--wrote lots….enjoyed hiking the Summit and Goodall Mt. trails, swimming in pool and fraternizing with pets..” Carriage House

                                Aaron, August 2009


“Thank you for another unbelievable vacation. We all think that this year was even better than last—and we didn’t think that could be possible!” High Fields Farm

                        Michael and Kelly, July 2009


“From the moment we drove down the drive we knew this was a special place. Opening the door to the Carriage House…we thought, ‘Yes! The perfect place to celebrate our fourth anniversary!’ “

                Kenny and Divone, May 2009


“Carrie’s Cottage is a beautiful place. The early spring morning with the sun and birds was perfect…”

                                Colleen and Bob, April 2009


“We had a fantastic spring break here—enjoyed birding, hiking and star gazing. The kids really ‘bonded’ with the ponies.” High fields Farm

                        Jim and Marisa, April 2009  


“Your cottage is perfect! Clean and well equipped with lovely views. We are definitely coming back!” Carriage House

                       Juliana and Massonel April 2009


“Carrie’s Cottage is a beautiful place. The early spring morning with the sun and birds was perfect…”

                                Colleen and Bob, April 2009

“Well, I admit that I am girl with high expectations and boy does High Fields deliver. This place is breathtaking, and our family had a marvelous time here.”

                Jennifer and Doug, December 2008


“Third time is a charm—we once again had a great stay.” Carriage House

                                Carroll and Lori, November 2008


“What a wonderful vacation! We returned to Carrie’s Cottage, this time with our three month old son. We enjoyed swimming in the pool, hiking along the Old Road and fishing in the pond….and feeding the ponies.”

                                Rod and Krissy, September 2008


“Thank you for sharing this fabulous place with those of us in need of nature and her peace. We are grateful not only for your hospitality, but also especially for your  love of the land and corresponding work  to conserve it.” Carriage House

                                Eric and Ophelia, July 2008


“We had such an amazing time here…it was a unanimous vote. The view, beautiful mountains, cows and especially the pool have made this week both relaxing and fun.” High Fields Farm

Moshe and Shoshena, June 2008   


“What a wonderful week! …this pace was absolutely perfect! The cozy cottage, the mountain views and the colorful sunsets provided a great romantic getaway..” Carrie’s Cottage

                                Denior and Lindsey, May 2008


“Wonderful accommodations. Private, comfortable, beautiful property, stunning views. Easy access to great hikes in the Park followed by a return to the cottage where we watched the mountains gradually swallow the sun.” Carriage House

                                Kathleen and Chip, May 2008


“Your home and the surroundings are awesome! We had a wonderful time and loved ‘coming home’ to High Fields Farm after our days of sight seeing. Thanks!’

                        Salli and Bruce, April 2008


“Our stay here was absolutely perfect! Perfect weather, perfect views and perfect accommodations (Carriage House Studio). We will most definitely be returning for more romantic getaways…..and much needed relaxation.”

Danielle and Jason, October 2007


“We thought that the place would be nice from the description on the web but it far exceeded our expectations!” Carrie’s Cottage

                                George and Joni, September 2007


“What a wonderful relaxing stay in a charming (Carriage House) cottage with panoramic vista! We enjoyed a bejeweled sky on the deck our first night, with a few Perseid meteors….”

                                Lanny and Cindy, August 2007


“Thank you so much for a vacation unlike any we have previously taken! The house was absolutely wonderful, you have thought of everything we needed and more!” High Fields Farm

                                David and Shelli, July 2007


“Your farm is absolutely beautiful and the views are amazing. We loved staying in the (Carrie’s) cottage. It’s charming and very comfortable. It truly is a home away from home”

Christy and Sebastiano, June 2007


“Wow! What a beautiful farm…this is like heaven on earth! We all had a wonderful time and are sorry to leave. Everything was perfect!” High Fields Farm

                                Paula and Chris, May 2007


“We can never thank you enough for this beautiful Carriage House. We needed a place to rest, re-coupe and re-energize…and your place was absolutely perfect”

Daren and Claudette, April 2007


“This is one of the nicest places we have ever stayed. We were actually able to de-stress and enjoy the beautiful and stunning views.” Carrie’s Cottage

Cathe and Steve, March 2007


“The Carriage House was the perfect winter weekend getaway for us!”

                        Jessica and Mitch, February 2007


“Thank you so much for a wonderful place to stay….The kitchen is incredible and the great room was a wonderful area…to mingle. You’ve made us feel so welcome and we appreciate how carefully you have created a home away from home.” High Fields Farm

                                Michelle and Nikola, January 2007





This was the perfect place to celebrate our 1st Anniversary.  The views are spectacular.  We enjoyed waking to changing colors and falling asleep while gazing at the stars.  The cats, dogs and horses were a special treat for me and the view from the ridgeline was stunning! (Thanks for the suggestion Alton).  Plans to return are already brewing.  Thanks for everything.

 Carol & Alec Shekhar

The Carriage House Studio

October 2006 

There is more to poetry than just words.  It is starry nights, green pastures, friendly hosts and cozy studios.  It is coffee on the deck as the sun rises, watching the cows in their morning graze over the hills.  It is a bottle of wine for two as the sun sets behind the mountain tops--a romantic journey away from yesterday's troubles and into tomorow's promises.
Lynn & Alton, our gracious hosts, thank you so much for sharing your farm with us and this lovely studio.  We leave today with lasting memories and dreams of a place so pure and real, so full of life.  We hope our first home together has the same country charm the Carriage House has and that our neighbors have the same peace about them as you do.
Thanks again,
Andre Lopez and Heather Meirkowski
The Carriage House Studio
August 2006

Dear Lynn and Al, we had a great time at High Fields Farm! We went horseback riding, that was a BLAST!  It makes me feel like I am home.  It is so cozy and comfortable!  We have been walking on the farm ( a lot of cow patties!) We have been climbing hills and that sorta stuff!  We have taking pictures like crazy!  We have 4 camera's full!  It is so beautiful!  It is like a wonderland!  I hope you have a Great Day!
Love, Andria, Daniel, Alexander and our mom, Alex!
High Fields Farm
February 2006

Well, we cannot exactly call this our "home away from home".  Fairhill Farm is totally different!  At home, we do not have a perfect black night sky with more stars than I have ever seen.  We do not have cool and crisp mountain air!  So, today we return to Hampton,  Virginia where we live near the Newport News shipbuilding that lights up the night sky, Langley AFB and their jets that fly above, and not to mention the Fire Station a half mile from our house! We had a great time here.  On Thursday morning on our way out, we saw a cow in labor.  We watched for sometime, however, we did not see the actual birth.  We hope that mom and baby are doing fine! (They are and baby is now about 500 pounds!)  We enjoyed a visitg from one of the cats.  We have two dogs, so I miss the purring of a happy cat.  I Think that we enjoyed petting her more than she did!

We also visited several local wineries.  To get to some of them, we drive on narrow country roads with no traffic and awesome mountain views.  Everyone here is so friendly.  Thank you Lynn, for meeting us on our way in on our first nigh.  You and Al have helped to renew and refresh many guests at your lovely farms.  We will return again this summer.  We cannot wait to hear the symphony of grasshoppers and frogs!
Until next time...
Andrea & Jason Elliott
Carrie's Cottage
March 2006

We had such a wonderful time here at High Fields!  We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary with this trip.  It could not have been better.  Our kids though we were crazy driving 1500 miles to stay on a farm when we live on a beautiful farm, but we are so glad we did.  We relaxed at this farm instead of working! 

We needed this vacation even more so after being in th path of hurrican Rita.  We still have a mess to go home to but we are rested and refreshed.  We had never been to Virginia and drove an extra 8 hours one way just to stay at High Fields!  We didn't even explore the 130 acres.  We strickly came here to enjoy this place and wow--did we love it!  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place with us.  Everything was perfect and the trees were breathtaking. 

We will be back and hope to bring our family so they can enjoy this place.  Y'all are so lucky and blessed to live in such a beautiful place.  Thanks again & God bless.

Robert & Debbie Watson
High Fields Farm
October 2005

"True seclusion and privacy are difficult to find.  When we were able to do so here, it was unbelievable!  Our family comes together once a year and it is time we cherish.  The views make you sit and ponder for hours, the cows bring a smile to your face, the rabbits make you want to run after them like a little kid!
I've decided to take down a wall in our house--The floor plan really brings everyone together!  Thank you for sharing this piece of heaven  with all of us and we'll see you soon, this I know!"
The Mason, Powers and Seitz families
High Fields Farm
August, 2005

Dear Lynn & Alton

Thank you for a wonderful family vacation & the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  We've been to so many places--but none matched the charm of High Fields Farm.  Our children loved the cows, we all loved the birds and views.  Truly a delight--you thought of so many things when you prepared for your guests.  I was delighted to find champagne flutes and bubble bath (the former for us, the latter for our 3 year old!!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you--it was marvelous!

The Plumbs
High Fields Farm
Christmas 2005

Photo of Thatcher compliments of Barry & Cheris Lewis of Lewis Photography
Photo Compliments of Barry & Cheri Lewis of Cheri Lewis of Lewis Photography

Dear Lynn and Alton,

Thank you so much for your hospitality and your beautiful land!!! We loved the views, the pool, the hiking, the dogs (especially Bella-my swim partner) and your company.  We will be in touch soon to plan our next trip in the fall of 2006

Thanks again for everything--Lori adds she loved the kitty cats also!

Captain and Mrs.Carroll Connelley USMC
The Carriage House
August 2005

Photo of Fairhill pond compliments of Barry & Cheri Lewis of Lewis Photography

We enjoyed our stay here.  We saw a bullfrog.

Thank you for the pleasure of staying here.  We enjoyed the pool, animals and house(s).  It's a peaceful and beautiful place.  We look forward to coming back!

The Harleys

David, Susan, Andrew & Caroline

Carrie's Cottage

June 2005


Incredible weekend.

Must do list:

1) Hike the property-look for wild iris

2) Fish the pond-Bass are great w/light tackle

3) Morning walks down to the river

4) Sit in the back yard and watch the orioles

5) Sunset by the pond

6) Evening fire under the stars

7) Wineries: Horton, Veritas, King Family, White Hall, Stone Mountain (Views)

8) Hammock naps!

Steve & Moira Tomaso

Carrie's Cottage

May 2005


Dear Keels,

Thank you so much for sharing your place with me and so many others!  God has truly blessed you with this property and all the skills you two have together!

It was exactly what I needed and so peaceful.  I will definitely be spreading the word to other moms in Charlottesville.


Joanna MacDonald

The Carriage House

April 2005

Our Anniversary was all the more special because of our stay here.  The beauty of the surroundings and of the cottage were a delight and made us very comfortable.  The sunset ont he hillside was wonderful.  We saw a red fox and deer.  Thanks for everything!

Deborah & Steve Gideon

Spartenburg, South Carolina

October 2004


This Cottage is so sweet! I love the beautiful bathroomand the wonderful setting.  Such beautiful views!

I took a long run that I enjoyed-R on South River, R on Teel mountain, R on 230 (busy though), R on South River.  Thanks so much for the suggestion!

Carolyn-Minneapolis, Minnesota

Perfect for our Quilter's Retreat!


Kathy-Seattle, Washington

We loved it & we'll be back!

El-Charlottesville, Virginia

(A wonderful group of friends and quilters who stayed at both Carrie's Cottage and High Fields Farm)

Dear Lynn & Al,

Our second visit to High Fields Farm has been heavenly!  Literally!  I believe I saw more stars in the sky than I've ever seen in my life.  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful farm with me and my family.

Lisa Dawes

Tacoma Park, Maryland

October 2004


Dear Lynn & Al,

Our trip has been amazing! The view from every window was truly breathtaking!  The cleanliness of this warm and inviting house exceeded our expectations.  The beautiful sunsets rolling hills and awesome mountains were exceptional.  This morning as we sadly packed to leave we saw a fox in the fields-what a treat and quite a surprise!  We truly enjoyed our stay.  We hope to see you all again.

The Wilson

Roland, Lynne, Chaya

Arlington, Virginia

December 2004

Dear Lynn and Al,

This vacation has exceeded all expectations!  It's the kind of thing you wish for, but can't believe can actually happen.  When we first arrived on the property, we thought "This is what it looked like on the website."  Then, we got into the house itself and literally  said, "This is even better than the website!"

My kids LOVE this place: the pool, the bedrooms, the porch, the open space for entertaining (and playing!) and , of course, the gigantic TV (which, I am happy to say, they didn't watch much because  there was so much for us to do together as a family.  We've had great vacations in the past (and bad ones, too)--this stay definitely tops our list.  We can't wait to come back.

You are both so welcoming and friendly--we felt totally "at home."  Your taste is exquisite, and we didn't need to ask twice about a thing.  Your desire to please your guests is deeply appreciated, I assure you!

One final note: this is the first time that my husband and I didn't have to bring our own champagne bucket and flutes on vacation.  You do think of everything!  Next time we'll use the cordial glasses, too!

Christine Boucher & Family of Gaithersburg, Maryland

High Fields Farm

August, 2004


Peaceful, quiet, comfortable and relaxing.  I have really enjoyed my time here.  The special touches that Lynn & Al have provided have made all the difference.  Thank you so much!

Erika Evan of Leesburg, Virginia

Carrie's Cottage

July 2004

Dear Lynn & Al,

We had a wonderful time!





Friendly (Thanks for dinner-- from the local church fundraiser)



Luxuurious (incredible beds)

Deer (Sunset, Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park)

Sunsets! (Skyline Drive, Skyland Lodge, The back yard)

Fantastic (Food off the beautiful grill out back)

Adventure (Hiking Dark Hollow Falls)

Rabbits (Annie loved all of the bunnies in the yard)


The Wilson Family of Lighthouse Point, Florida

High Fields Farm

July 2004